We find the Himalayas a unique place, with unique culture and we would like to contribute to its beauty. What makes this contribution most meaningful and rewarding is the fact that for very small sums of money in western world’s terms big changes can be made.

Fiann Paul Foundation
staff consists of three dedicated Iceland based volunteers:

Fiann Paul – the founder:
Fiann has a rich and varied resume that includes master’s degrees in architecture and pedagoogy. He is also an accomplished artist and athlete, holder of multiple world records. He has crossed Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans in a row boat and became "the first person to simultaneously hold overall speed world records for rowing all 3 oceans". He has also climbed alongside Sherpas, taught martial arts to the Mountain Police in Ladakh and explored remote areas among some of the world’s highest peaks in the Himalayas to photograph hidden cultures and environments. He has taught dozens of Personal Development Workshops for the Chiparamba Foundation in Zambia as well as in Europe, where he combines his skill and passion as an athlete with his own formal training and life experience to encourage self-development among challenged young adults.

Natalie Caroline – project manager:
is a teacher of Sivananda and Innerflow yoga, an international facilitator of therapeutic movement. Based in Iceland she travels around the world to teach yoga. She holds a master’s degree in art history and does graphic design. Natalie also leads "Transformational Journey" workshops with Fiann Paul.

Magnus Orri Grimsson - coordinator for Iceland:

Magnus Orri
is an Electrician and an Industrial Electrician.  He holds a degree in Optometry and is currently working in this field.  Orri is a truth seeker and has participated in various groups like Health Freedom (heilsufrelsi.is), Positive Money (betrapeningakerfi.is) and in various informal alternative energy groups concentrating on the work of Stanley Allen Meyer and Mehran Tavakoli Keshe.

Roy Tathagata - coordinator for India

Roy is a Commander in the Indian Navy, ex-Special Forces member and an accomplished combat diver, paratrooper, and survival expert. Roy has completed 40-mile speed marches with 30+ kilograms of equipment in less than 4.5 hours and has an extensive record of maritime qualifications including Marine Commando, Basic Nuclear Biological Chemical Damage Control, Firefighting, Seamanship Courses and Watchkeeping Certificates. He is a crew member of Polar Row expedition.