official opening

15 December 2013

We have finally made it! It was a challenge. Firstly the typhoon pushed the monsoon back and didn't allow for the works to end in time. Next political instability froze all the public transportation; two bombs were exploded in the town nearby. Finally we found a peaceful timeline window and we managed to officially open the school.

Once again big thanks to everyone who contributed to making this project happen.

I attach some pictures for now and I will update with the media coverage soon.

The school consists of two buildings, 6 classrooms and the office. It is located 2200m above sea level. The remoteness and lack of road access are quite appealing. The place has no electricity. To power the microphone during the official opening a car battery was used. And just as the the car battery every single piece of the material for constructing the school had to be carried uphill by porters (known in the West as Sherpa) from the nearest gravel road. Of course, as you can see from the photographs, the school looks simple and it was built using many recycled materials. But that is just fine asĀ  it is on par with the built standard of other local schools. It is fully functional and efficient.

The shape of local terrain makes it difficult to find a good point to photograph both school buildings on the same picture in a smooth way but here are some attempts.

local children and the school in the background

building one

building two

both buildings

inside classroom

children entering the classroom

children going out of the classroom

Fiann and Natalie next to local community elder.

Finally, here is a short cool video of the children singing at the school opening: "we are building new Nepal".

It is part of the song children composed by themselves for the opening of the school. Primitive recording in a simple setting, but keep in mind it is in the middle of nowhere and thanks god, it was not a hollywood show but something from the heart. Not that we believe that we really build a new Nepal. But it is touching to see it sung and danced out. Both of the school buildings are visible in the background but one is almost fully covered by the hill.

And here is TV news item from Nepalese national TV:

At the end google earth file, google maps available here

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