In the highest Himalayas, where the Fiann Paul Foundation works, school structures rarely exist and children are often not given the opportunity to attend school. The foundation is currently working on building, staffing, and developing primary schools there. First school building project is completed successfully: primary school in the Taplejung region of north-eastern Nepal providing education for 150 pupils per year.

Children who attend school in Nepal typically do not have any textbooks, pens, paper or even proper clothes. They come from low-income families (with an income of approximately 15  per month), live in slums or even on the street. Many come from oppressed castes. The FPF will address each of those issues in turn, providing students with equal access to educational materials and school attire.

We are building the projects with the cooperation of the village people to uplift the community and create a sustainable model that will continue long after we're gone.

The foundation will still contribute funds to the facilities and to sponsor students after the building projects are accomplished.

What your money can buy

10 €
- is enough to sponsor a primary student for a month

15 €
- is enough to sponsor a secondary student for a month

100 €
- is enough to build a communal water tap.

100 €
- employs a qualified teacher in the school for a month.

15000 €
- is enough to build a new school at approximately 2000 m (6550 feet) altitude.
25000 € - is enough to build a new school at approximately 3500 m (11500 feet) altitude.